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    Thread: Longest in Oz

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      Mr Tagahem

      Longest in Oz

      Well I've been here for 9 years now, anyone been here longer?
      also, dont play football, stick with soccer!!

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      Will be interesting for you to do a post for the other kids coming over on what you like and don't like about Adelaide and the changes you must have seen :D Where abouts did you settle and what was it like growing up here?


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      Sorry, used dads account by mistake sorry dad!
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      Mr Tagahem
      Well, we moved around a bit before finally settling in Happy Valley. I don't know much about whats were in adelaide, but ask me questions if you live near me!
      Changes... well not much has really changed, except they put in a skate park near were I live, but thats about it.
      The city's always a good place to hang out, just stay away from Hindley street after dark, its the city's red light district and not too safe. Still, better than England though!

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      sorry put in wrong place
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