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      Question Wilderness School

      I am well impressed by this school's vision statement and the fee's are'nt too bad either, obviously i cant really decide until we are actually there and can look around for ourselves, but i was wondering does anyone have any experiences of this school and would they be willing to share them?? my daughter is 14 atm so would go into senior school - yr 9/ 10.

      any comments gratefully received

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      One of my sons' soccer team mates sisters (phew!) goes there! They seem really happy with it - apart from the fact that she does rowing for the school and that means a lot of early morning starts! I'll see them at training next Monday and ask for more info if you like? She's be I guess in Year 10 (15/16)
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      thankyou :) that would be fab :)

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      It has an excellent reputation and is close to the city. It is tricky to get your child into a private school with no notice. I would suggest you make speculative enquiries to all the good schools now and see if they have places. We were lucky and got ours into St Andrews (primary) from the UK but she was on the waiting list for 6 months until someone left. If you are after a girls school try Seymour or St Peters girls schools. Other good schools are Loreto, Annesley, St Josephs, Wesminster. I am just starting the process of looking for a high school for mine and they all look good on paper.

      Good luck.

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      Yes they all have outstanding resumes these schools and oil the PR machine regularly. There is a lot of movement between private schools and they pretty much all offer the same basic stuff with different slants depending on the community they wish to serve. Wildy is a highly competetive school so doesn't suit all girls. It does have a wide curriculum. Walford is also considered to be very academic and they have some brand spanking new buildings housing a cafe where they sell Walford branded water( according to my daughter). St Peter's Girls, Annesley, Loretto and Seymour are the other main Girls schools. It's usually not that hard to get a place at a single sex school as opposed to one of the popular coed privates. You should be able to get a place at pretty much any of the major girls schools straight away at year 10 level. The only ones that may be difficult to get a place at straight away are the Catholic ones.
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