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    Thread: Pedare Christian/Gleeson College/Golden Grove High School

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      Quote Originally Posted by salisbury massive View Post
      I would have thought Curriculum and costs would count for more than worrying about whether there are more public school kids hanging around after school than private school kids. Don't forget you are talking about High School kids, most of them find their own way home and usually with friends. Perhaps that counts for the groups you see. Also GG uniform is green and gold, stands out much more than the private school uniform, I guess the main question you should ask yourself is what these groups of kids are doing, misbehaving, shouting, perhaps graffitti???? Do you see any of that or just friends hanging out after school??

      I pick up my daughter from Hungry Jacks every day, most of the GG kids wait there for parents or to get food. The private school kids go to KFC and Blockbuster area. There is always a large number of GG kids waiting at the bus station for buses and some of those are private school kids, Gleeson and Pedare have a private bus that takes kids home so that could explain when there are more GG kids around.

      I looked at all of these schools and I already have a child in Kings Baptist so I'm familiar with private school, in fact the behaviour at Kings is often worse than Golden Grove especially in the upper years. On the myschool website the education my eldest daughter receives is a lower standard than GG on quite a few subjects. She is there bacause the school suits her and her personality, its a caring nurturing school with great community spirit and that is what she required at the time. Her friends are lovely and the school is welcoming and open on many levels. My middle daughter did not want to go to Kings and after looking at the three schools we decided Golden Grove suited her needs best, mainly because it has a great sports curriculum and she has already decided on her chosen profession the steps were already in place. I pay $1400 a term at Kings. At GG I pay $445 for the year and this year we got a special interest netball programme which leads into state sides and competition. This cost me $28 for a special interest polo shirt.
      You can go and look around Golden Grove anytime, you don't have to wait til the open night.

      If you've got the money and you want catholic education then go for Gleeson, but its a bind finding the money term in term out. There is so much more you can do with the cash and the longer you do it, unless you don't need to count the cents, the more difficult it becomes. Just remember you are looking at around $5,000 for the year for 5 years plus extras, uniform and trips. Don't forget camps, it all adds up. Middle daughter went on a year 8 camp with GG $150 all in. Kings year 9 camp cost $350 and I had to supply all food and sleeping bags etc. Most of your childs friends will go to Golden Grove and there is nothing to stop you taking your child out of there and moving to Gleeson, one thing I've found is private school kids are very transient, they move about at the drop of a hat, lots of my daughters friends at GG have come from Pedare and Gleeson. You also get the opportunity at GG to use very state of the art equipment in the Woodwork, metalwork and Home Ec rooms mostly paid for by the private schools.

      I'm not critisizing (sp? sorry I know its not right) you Margaret but there is a lot more to GG High School than kids in groups after school. :)

      HI Jo, Thanks for your input. I realise you are not criticising me but where we come from in London groups of kids hanging around after school is not always a good thing, especially when they seem to have no respect for anything.

      I didn't realise that you could go and visit the school at anytime (with an appt of course!) and will certainly look into that. Our son is only in year 5 at the moment so it is not something that is too urgent just now but something for us to mull over in the next year or so.

      Any comments I can get are all a bonus towards helping us make what will be a very difficult decision. As you can read from some of the replies everyone has something good and bad to say about all three schools.

      Thanks again.
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      Hmmm hard one to call in the UK we dont get much choice as we do here, my son goes to GGPS but is only year 2 (fab school) I've been looking into high school too as he has Aspergers and want the best for him.

      Have heard good and bad about all school the 3 schools. my friend worked at perdare and wouldn't send her kids there, Gleeson not heard a good word said about it (which is sad). I dont see anything wrong with Golden grove high until a policeman friend of ours said there is a lot of trouble there but as Jo just said when you get that many kids together your gunna get a bit of trouble but nothing like you and I have seen in London. I have been told Tyndale is a very good school have you thought of that? Their fees are a lot less than most?
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      Hi my son goes to Gleeson and loves it. He is not sporty at all, he is into his computers and music oh and now girls OOOHHH NOOOOO!!!! Anyway he started there at the beigining of year 8 a few months after we left the UK. The school is a sporting school but also excels in the arts ie bands, theatre and stuff like that along with the new soon to be opened science department. They expect each child to take on at least 1 extra after hours curriculum activity of there choice, but if you dont wanna do it you dont have too. We thought my son might struggle settling in as he had already done over a year at high school in UK but cant believe how he has come on, he is now totally settled loads of mates, a full social life (which is cutting into mine as we have to pick him up all over the place). The school even run a SANFL umpire coaching course of which him and his mates have done, he has never played or even watched a game but the clubs pay well so he went along got qualified and now earns between $50 - $100 on a sat or sun not bad for a 14 year old doing a few hours stood between some goal posts. Anyway he has never had a bad word to say against the school and if he is happy and learning, the teachers keep you informed of any problems, so all in all we are very happy with the school. The other reason why you will very rarely see a Gleeson student in the GG village is that the students are still representing the school in there uniform so are barred by the school from going there until theyare out of there uniform. Again this is not enforced by the GGV but is an indicator that maybe the school have instilled into the kids a bit of respect for there school andrules. My daughter will be starting there in 2012 anfd is sporty and she is looking forward to going on the soccer program. anyway if you do want any further info let me know.

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      Our eldest 3 go to Golden Grove. One doing dance.Two doing music, one guitar and vocals the other keyboard n vocals..... and are loving it..all doing extremely well. I can honestly say it is a very supportive, family orientated school. Hope that helps somewhat.


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