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      Hi Andi

      I want to take my DVD's with me to especialy my power rangers one. I will miss my friends Daniel Leah Jacob Sam Robin and all the other people in my class. And my friends at home. Esocialy Charlotte and Steven.

      We havent decided where to move to yet as Mummy and Daddy havnt been befor but they think the north east sounds a good fit.We want to have a pool in our back garden so we can learn to swim better.

      I have to go to my sisters birthday party. My other Sister had her friends round on Friday to watch high school musical 2 so i have had a girly w/end.thanks for replying.


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      Smile heya!!!!

      im laura and im 11 but i have got a sister, Lydia whos 6 im sure that she would like to talk to you. ill ask her to write to you!!!...


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      Leanne & Mark
      Hi i'm Ethan, i'm 4 but i gone be 5 in 2 weeks I have started school now today i went all day i real liket it i want to go to australia now but we are goin next yeer

      i like lazytown lots and roary the rasing car my sister is 2 she likes fifi australia has fifi so she will be happy

      i like this :jimlad::p they are funny

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      wee andi
      Hello everybody,

      sorry I haven't got back to all of you, I haven't been online for a couple of weeks, but I'm back now!!!!!!

      But i would definately like to keep in touch with you all once we arrive in Adelaide, that would be really cool to finally meet you all.

      Jay, we also want to live near the beach, that would be so much fun wouldn't it?

      Ben & Charlie, the air show must have been so exciting, I bet you had great fun, lets hope the next time we see a plane close up, we will all be going on it!

      Joe, how was your sisters birthday party, did she have a good time with her friends?

      Laura, it would be really nice to hear from you sister Lydia, the more friends I can get just now the better it will be for when I get there. I'm laughing a bit just now because my name and my brothers start with an A and yours and your sisters start with an L. Do you think both our parents like all the same initials?

      Hi Ethan, has your birthday been yet? It's my birthday soon too, 5th November. Do you still like school? It's quite scary at first isn't it, but having good friends helps.

      Speak to you all again soon, I hope.

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      Hi Wee Andi

      My name is Danielle and I am 6. My family moved to Adelaide in August this year and I go to school at Rose Park Primary School. I love it over here and I especially love my school. Let me now when you get here.


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      Hello everyone,

      My name is Andrea but like to be called Wee Andi, I am 5 years old, nearly 6 and can't wait to move to Adelaide with my family.

      I went to Oz for a look around at easter time and I loved it. I cried on the plane when we were leaving because I didn't want to go home, so now that we are back I can't wait to get back over there for good.

      I had a great time staying with my Uncle Gordon and my Auntie Kerry and Brooke. I also stayed with my mummy's cousin Mel, jason and Brianna and Brandon.

      It was really good there, I was feeding Kangaroos, cuddling Koala Bears and getting chased by Emu's. This was at a place called Clelland where they have a tasmanian devil, but they look different from the cartoon.

      I loved being on the beach and made loads of sand castles, tried to bury my big brother and searched for crabs.

      I am looking to make new friends for when we go back over as I am going to miss all my friends from school, but would still rather be making the new ones.

      So anybody who wants to send me a reply, I would love to hear from you.

      speak to you all soon.

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      I want to live near the beach to but Mummy isnt sure. My baby sisters party was really good. We had Kentuky for tea and we are going to move soon and have Christmas in a different house.

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      Hi Wee Andi and all the other children! Just to let you know, children's television here is pretty good if your mummy and daddy get something called Foxtel, which is the same as Sky in England. Nick Jr shows Lazytown, Dora the Explorer, Charlie and Lola and lots of other shows. ABC has children's tv in the mornings until 10.00am and then again from about 3.00pm. But don't forget, the sun shines a lot here so you'll probably want to be down at the beach instead of watching tv!!:):):)
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      wee andi
      Hi Danielle,

      thanks for leaving me a message, I can't wait to get over to Adelaide, you are so lucky that you are there just now, but it means you will have loads to tell me when i finally get there.

      I'm glad you like your school. Have you made a lot of new friends? Is your teacher nice?


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