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      wee andi

      A Great Big Happy Smiley Hello!

      Hello everyone,

      My name is Andrea but like to be called Wee Andi, I am 5 years old, nearly 6 and can't wait to move to Adelaide with my family.

      I went to Oz for a look around at easter time and I loved it. I cried on the plane when we were leaving because I didn't want to go home, so now that we are back I can't wait to get back over there for good.

      I had a great time staying with my Uncle Gordon and my Auntie Kerry and Brooke. I also stayed with my mummy's cousin Mel, jason and Brianna and Brandon.

      It was really good there, I was feeding Kangaroos, cuddling Koala Bears and getting chased by Emu's. This was at a place called Clelland where they have a tasmanian devil, but they look different from the cartoon.

      I loved being on the beach and made loads of sand castles, tried to bury my big brother and searched for crabs.

      I am looking to make new friends for when we go back over as I am going to miss all my friends from school, but would still rather be making the new ones.

      So anybody who wants to send me a reply, I would love to hear from you.

      speak to you all soon.

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      We have 3 boys Harley is 7 i will ask him to post you a message tommorow after school as he is in bed now.


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      did you like Adelaide? what was it like in Adeleide?

      My name is Harley and i'm 7 nearly 8! I like spiderman, hulk and Ben 10 what do you like?

      Are you excited about moving to Adelaide?



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      Hi wee andi

      My little boy Joey is 5 he is 6 at the begining of febuary I will get him to send you a message tomorrow when he gets up,;). I know he wold love to talk to someone the same age as him.

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      Hi I'm called Joe I'm 5 1/2.

      Which town do you live? in I live in Winsford in Cheshire and my Mummy read what you put on the computer. I havnt been to adelaide yet but we are moving after christmas some time. A policeman came to our house because someone stole our bird bath but we we have sold our house now so we are going to rent a new one untill we move to Australia. I'm excited about going are you? I like these funny faces on the side.

      Joseph Peter Cook:D
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      wee andi
      Hello Joe & Harley,

      thank you both for sending me a reply, Adelaide was really great, it was sunny every day, we are hopefully going to go around easter time to live.

      I have just moved from Airdrie to Coatbridge in Scotland, because my mum and dad sold our house and we had to move into a rented one, but not for long!

      I am 5 and will be 6 on guy fawkes night, remember remember the 5th of November.

      I like Dora the Explorer, Lazy Town, and rock music because my dad listens to it all the time and I kind of like it now.

      My favourite rock band is Warrant and I also train in Tae Kwon Do.

      I can't wait to go back to Adelaide its brilliant, I miss my cousins who live in Morphett Vale Briana & Brandon and looking forward to seeing them again.

      speak to you soon, I hope.

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      Hi wee andi

      I like Dora the explora and Lazy town too. Sporitcus is my favorit in Lazy town but I don't like Robbie Rotten he is so naughty. I hope they are on TV in Australia, do you?

      We went to see Colin Buchanan in the summer he sings funny songs about Jesus and he's on tv in Australia so I know that will be good.;)

      I will miss my freind from school will you miss yours? We like playing Dinosaws, Scooby Doo and raceing at school. What do you like playing?


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      wee andi
      Hi Joe,

      I like Sporticus as well and Stephanie, I really like her pink hair, I wish mine was like that.

      I will miss my friends Zoe, Sophie, Annalie, Shanna and Nadine we play games in the playground at break time. We love to make up dances, do cartwheels and handstands against the wall..... but we always get a row for the handstands because we are in a new school and they don't want us to mess up the wall with our feet.

      I will just have to make sure that I take my dvd's with me just in case my favourite programmes aren't on the tv whenever I want to watch them.

      What area are you and your family looking to move to? We really like Moana, Hallett Cove, Brighton, Seacliff, Noarlunga...... we can't decide but it will definately be close to a beach.

      I love making sand castles and splashing in the sea and I am really looking forward to being able to do that everyday if I want.

      What about you, do you like to do these things?

      Speak to you soon.

      Thanks for replying.

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      Hi Wee Andi,

      my name is Jay and I am 6 years old. I like lazy town too and rock music. I also like going to the beach and my new house is going to be near the beach. I am going to Adelaide in 6 weeks I hope I'm going to like it:). When we are both there can we make friends?.

      From Jay

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      Hi my name is Ben and I am 5 1/2 I have a little brother called Charlie who is 3 1/2 and we like to play together. I am excited to go to Adelaide, are you to ?? Our house is up for sale and our visa was sent 11 weeks ago but we still havent heard anything yet.
      I like to watch Power Rangers, Transformers and Scooby Doo. I like listening to music my favourite bands are Green Day, Queen and Bon Jovi.
      We went to Southport Airshow this weekend it was great and I saw the Red Arrows and a Typhoon Jet.
      I would love to make new friends as I am scared of not knowing anyone when I move Down Under.
      Matt 37, Suzi 38 (Dog Groomer) Ben 11 and Charlie 9 05/07/11 Got the visa !!!


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