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      Hi I'm Megan


      I'm megan

      I'm megan i like dancing,shoping (Even though I'm not usaly aloud ) .I go to three dance clubs. I'm realy scared about the move i'll never get to see charlotte my best freind Even though i cant wait . Some times i go crazy and laugh a lot .I will be asleep half the journeysomebody please reply soon.

      lol megan

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      megan our family is hoping to move to Adelaide next year it is a bit scarey when you think about it but its also exciting,you will still be able to keep in touch with your friend you can email send a letter etc,you are bound to make new friends as well when you move,my 6 year old is looking forward to moving as long as he can take his wrestlers he will be happy,his nan and grandad said they will come to visit 2-3 months at a time so that will help us to be more happy about the move.good luck with the move.

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      heya me and my sis r really exited to but were gonna miss our friends loads. we should be movin in about 3 wcks. plz reply .. laura and lydia.x ps: are u there yet???

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      hi I'm 8 yrs old. I am very excited about moving to Adelaide, although I will miss my friends. I am looking forward to the move and I will get chance to make new friends. Would you like to meet up sometime when we are in adelaide? Have you ever been to Adelaide? I havent. are you excited?

      from Megan

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      hi im laura and im aged 11,yes i would love to meet u wot part of adelaide r u moving to??? and no i havnt been to adelaide before and im really exited!!!!

      From Laura.

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      Hi Laura

      We are thinking of going to the North East of Adelaide but since mum and dad havent been they are going to decide properly when they get there.
      I'm really excited too. I cant wait to meet up with you.
      PS I'm glad I'm not the only one going for the first time.


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