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      Heya im laura (1)

      Heya,:),, im laura and im 11 if any bodyz 11 or der about write bck!!!


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      hi im aston im 11 im going to adelaide too. prob in at the end of october mabey start of november. write back please!

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      i again its me aston i am going on the 8th of november.(:

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      taylor family
      hi laura
      i am lauren taylor and i have been here since may.how long until you are here?
      i am 10 and i have a pet dog and some fish,but i am sometimes feel home sick.
      i have 1 brother , 1sister,mum,dad

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      the o'shea's
      Hi Laura,
      I am called Caitlin and I am 11 too! Are you in Oz yet? We have been out here about 4 weeks now! We are in a rental at the mo at Marino but we will be moving to Aldinga Beach at the end of Jan! Type back asap!

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      me chirstie

      heya i am christie i am 11 12 in feb !
      so were bouts in adelaide are u ?
      or aren't you here yet ?
      scribble back xxx

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      hiya Laura im Carrice im moving to Austrailia sometime in the summer. We are thinking of moving to Adelaide and we are thinking of getting a dog . Are the dogs in Austrailia cute? Wha is there to do in Adelaide ?

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      Hi im Jack im 10 years old.Have you gone to Adelaide yet and if you have can you tell me about it?

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      Hi Jack, Im Carrice s mum Nicolette, going for a visit in May snd hopefully moving out there in the summer time. I have a son whos 11, Ellis, I will get him to mail you when we have been and let you know what he thinks. Nicolette

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      Cool,have a great time when you go out to auz looking forward to hearing from you.

      Take care, Jackieboy


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