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      Unley High

      Looking for a good school for my eldest in 2012 - does anyone have any information on Unley High. Does anyone have any children who attend past or present. Thanks

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      Unley is one of the old academic high schools, but at the same time they offer a wide choice for the not so academic. They do enforce the catchment as it has been a popular choice in the last 10 or so years, so make sure you look at the zone on www.decs.sa.gov.au if you decide you like the school.
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      I used to attend Unley High School a few years ago now....my two Godsons attend now and love the school, are both sports minded. They have a good rowing club, volley ball and probably a list of others and have a circle of nice friends. Their grades are good, mainly because their Mum and Dad are both teachers. Their Mum, my best friend is involved in the rowing club and says current principal is very good. I also had a family who stayed with me, who was also looking at Glenunga High School and ended sending her two girls to UHS. I think they do enforce the zone tho unless their numbers are down. They have made friends quickly and really like the school. (And I am not sure if this will sway you or NOT the current Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard used to attend that school.)

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      The Roadies
      Thanks for that. I certainly wouldn't mind sending my children to a school Julia attended. Cheers.



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