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      Kart racing

      Hi guys, we are thinking of moving to Adelaide and I wondered if any of you knew if my son, age 8, could carry on with his kart racing (he is at UK Junior cadet level)? he is just starting out but loves it and we would like him to carry on with it if he could. thanks

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      Try this place...

      I dont know if this is what you are looking for? But it might be a start...or they may be able to put you on to the right people..........

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      Arrived November 2005........live in Happy Valley

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      There's a track at Bolivar, and one a little further north also i think.
      Theres a track at Murray Bridge, near Monarto Zoo, Casey Stoney was there last year playing in the off season.

      There are several Kart repair places around Adelaide, 3 or 4. So there must be a "scene" they do dirt karting over here also.

      I don't know what the levels are like, or what distances are covered for meets.

      There should be something to keep the little petrol head happy.... and the bigger ones;)

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      Thanks folks, will give me a starting point to find out more info for him. This year will only be his first but he is showing promise and he loves it so I wouldnt want him to have to give up on somethign he enjoys. think it would help with the settling in. Also would help with us meeting people and starting a 'network' too I thought as it usually involves the whole family.

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      I am sure he will enjoy it, the race and practice scene is a good way of meeting people, and finding lots of info out.

      Look at EBAY Aus for prices of gear....... it could well be worth you bringing all your gear over. ;)

      I iwsh i had brought all the bikes over.

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      thanks. it is an expensive hobby over here I have to say (Grandads fault for getting him started!), hopefully its a bit cheaper in Oz! Certainly it will be more fun for me watching from the sidelines in the Aussie sun rather than a windy track in the North of Scotland! Will need to research further as it will depend on what engine sizes etc are for his 'class' as to whether we could use his existing kit. I would think helmet, suit etc will be fine.

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      Here is a link that may help you out....

      I used to service a few shops when out repping for a tool company there is alot of interest in it here with regular meets.

      check here Kart dealers in South Australia

      John Karavas: Shop 5, 615 North East Road,
      Gilles Plains, SA 5086
      Phone/fax 8261 6011

      KUSTOM KARTS - ARROW karts
      Phil Morrison: Unit 3, 95 Reasearch Road, Pooraka, 5095
      Mobile 0418 851 196, Phone: 8349 9549 Fax: 8250 7578

      John @ JK tuning very good tunes up engines rocons them too really really nice guy, and Phil from Kustom Karts very nice bloke too....


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      The helmet thing can be a pain. But do your home work mate..... a decent helmet is still decent anywhere around the world.
      Things are not cheap over here, there are not the numbers yet to make motorsport really cheap. But again have a good look.
      I remember when my cousin used to Kart, it was cheap and fun untill the championships started comming and that was way back in the 80's

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      thanks, perfect, just what I was looking for!



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