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      Smile Moving to Adelaide on the 18th May !

      Hi, moving to Adelaide on May 18th and will be staying with my auntie for a bit in Seaton. Whats school like over there and what do most people do in their free time ?? Will be good to hear from you.
      Beth age 12 :)

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      Hi there Beth....

      Well our kids goto surf club, during the summer which is grerat for beach activities riding on boards etc etc.....

      There is netball, volleyball, days out at the various zoos and gardens including holding Koalas.

      Seeing tghe whales down at Basham Beach is a defffo must do activity, going out shopping into the city and seeing the pigs and the big Steel Balls of Rundle Mall is good too...

      Christmas is starnge here tho instead of being indoors you are on the ebach for christmas swimming in the sea or playing with your friends.

      If your really lucky and your school is near the beach then you get to go on beach walks and even get to have sand castle competitions.

      there is soo soo much to do out here i am pretty sure that you will love it out here...

      Good luck and hope to catch you all soon...


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      hey schools are good over here and for free time peopel go to beach in summer or go th the shooping center

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      Hi my name is Rachel i'm 11,
      i'm hopefully moving next year and i'm kinda looking forward 2 it :)
      My cousin lives in sydney and she said tat lots of people go to the beach or maybe shopping in their spare time :) hope tat helps

      From Rachel :DDDDDDDDDDDD



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