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    Thread: Adelaide High School

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      Adelaide High School

      Hi everyone.

      I am new to the site and have found lots of useful info so far. I am trying to do some research regarding Adelaide High School and wondered if anyone knew about it, is it good or not?
      I have a daughter Abigail (11) who is an advanced student doing enrichment studies here in the UK but who suffers with a hearing loss (wearing hearing aids). This particular school has a centre for the hearing impaired and due her hearing loss they take from out of catchment area. I wondered if anyone could offer advice regarding the school.
      I have been on the web site and it all looks really good but the web site can not tell me about personal experiences.
      Any info would be great. Thanks

      Jennie (46) Julian (42) Abigail (11) and Melissa (9)

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      Adelaide High is one of the old establishment academic high schools. They have a specialist language entry as well as cricket and rowing. The school is right on the edge of the city centre so you get to see the kids leaving school and they always seem well behaved even when in large groups. They always seem to be wearing their uniform neatly, which I think shows order in the school whether the kids like it or not. I would say have a look when you get here as it is a good school, but whether it suits your needs only you can decide that.
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      Thanks for that, sounds good. I will have a look around when we get there (soon soon soon I hope!) mainly because it may not be what my daughter would like. Being on the edge of the city sounds good, as I thought it sounded like it was right in the middle. It will depend on where we end up living.
      The school my daughter is due to go to has 3000 students, they don't wear their uniform properly, lots of swearing and rudeness when leaving the school. Shouting f......o.. down to their mates. The school is not nice in that way but does get good exam results.
      I like the sound of the Aussie schools in general but as you say best to look around but feel positive regarding the Adelaide High School.

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      Hi Bob
      I have visited adelaide high a couple of times this year as its high school time for my daugher in jan 11 I have looked at several schools state and private and adelaide high is a good school which offers good opertunities for all its students (not just the few on sports or honour programs) my daugher loved the school too and as a result it was the only state school that compared favourably to the private schools but its very popular and hard to get in you will have to contact the school about special entry to the hearing centre they are very apprachable and helpful

      good luck
      ps any of the better schools would make accomadations for your daugher to be included
      Deb x
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