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    Thread: Local education on wildlife

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      Andrew Family

      Local education on wildlife

      Wasn't sure where to put this so I hope it is in the right area!!

      When we arrive in Adelaide are there any courses or groups that we can attend to learn about the wildlife, eg snakes, spiders etc? Don't get me wrong I am not scared of spiders and have no problem removing them from our house here but would like to learn more about how the deal with them safely in oz and what to do in an emergency. Where we are planning on living will initially be fairly remote so this information would be important to the whole family especially with kids that at the moment are happy exploring the garden and looking under ever rock they can find.



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      Hi Dawn!

      I'm not sure if there is a snakes and spiders course as such - but I would recommend doing a senior first aid certificate through an organisation like St John or Red Cross when you get here. They teach you how to treat snake and spider bites (on top of all the usual CPR and wound treatment) and give you a handbook to refer back to later. The courses typically run over 2 days and cost around $150. This is the certificate that anyone working with children, in schools etc. must take every 1-2 years.

      The most important thing is being able to identify what has bitten you (or the kids) so a trip to Clealand Wildlife Park or Urrimbirra when you get here would also be very helpful - the Adelaide Zoo has quite a good reptile house as well!

      Hope that is some help, dont worry too much though, most of the the things that can seriously hurt you in Aus are more scared of us than we are of them!

      Cheers, Toff
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      As Toff says - definitely have one of your family do the Senior First Aid course. It does cover a lot of info on bites /stings and worse.
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      The museum on North Terrace also does education on which spiders and snakes and things are venomous. It's a nice museum to visit anyway, so make time in your first few weeks for a visit and have a chat with them there. (It's free)
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      where we live there is an environmental cenre that runs courses and information sessions about snakes.

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