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      Red face hey there everybody!

      hello everyone!:)how are you? my name is beth and i am 11 yrs old.i live in Seaford Rise, right by the beach( well obviously, by the name !)i used to live in Golden Grove, up in the hills. it was nice, but too hilly and a long way from the beach. i know live by the beach and will be down there every day in the summer
      i will have been here a year on the 20th of octoberlol!
      most of the poms live down here so anyone who is about to move here move to Seaford rise!Hope to hear from someone soon and hope( if you are here) you love Australia!

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      aup i am christie i am 11 !
      i live in greenwith golden grove !
      so how come u moved ?
      love chritsie


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