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      Charles Campbell Secondary School

      Hello All,
      Does anyone have children at the Charles Campbell Secondary School? Does it have a good reputation? Appreciate any feedback!
      Many thanks,

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      Quite a few of my son's friends go there (in Year 8). It has a performing arts specialism, and one of his friends is on that, the other two on the normal program. I heard mixed things about it when I was looking - but do visit and make up your own mind. Like most state schools, it will either be right for your kids, or it won't - no way of generalising as what suits one might not suit another!
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      I did all my secondary schooling there about a decade ago and I've worked in Northern Suburbs schools and education transition programs since.

      I think as public schools go it's pretty sound. The best way I could describe it is probably "balanced". It's got a good Year 8 to 12 retention rate. The performing arts focus of the school gave it a particular vibe, and I don't think that was a bad thing. It was never a school that overdosed kids on uni being the preferred path, and, at least when I went there, that was reflective of the area - generally locals had parents who were small business owners and a lot of kids went down the VET/TAFE/work path. That said, there was a small chunk of kids that got excellent scores, high 90s, and went on to do advanced degrees. It used to be one of the most multicultural schools in the state and whilst it probably doesn't hold that title any more it's still a feature.

      I would point out that it is an exceptionally large school, usually in the top 2 or 3 single campus public schools in the state, and that doesn't work for all kids.



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