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    Thread: primary school in north east suburbs????

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      PM me if you are still looking for Primary Schools or Kindies in the North East Area, as I have lived here for 30 years and teach at a local school :)

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      Quote Originally Posted by spongebob View Post
      I love reading the posts on here and am planning on moving to OZ as soon as we can. Looking at the North East of Adelaide as that seems to be where all the electronic industry is situated.
      I read the posts and people have lots of questions which is fab and people go off and PM each other so I don't find out any more!!!!!!
      Interested in the schools and fees. What were the questions and answers to the posts above???
      What are class sizes like in Primary School?
      What are the Fee differences?
      After Primary School what schools do they go on to??

      Only joking but be interested in any advice on education.

      Jennie, Julian, Abigail (11) and Melissa (9)
      Class sizes up to year 3- about 28
      Class sizes year 3-7 - 28 to 31.
      There is actually no legal limit :(
      Fees per year for public school = about 200 dollars.
      Fees per year for private school= not quite sure but expensive ;)
      After Primary school they go onto year 8 in high school.
      Some schools have 'middle school from year 6 to year 10. Years 6 and 7 have aspects of high school where they swap a few teachers for different lessons.

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      Hi there Nat star,

      I wonder if you can help me too. I have a Foundation Degree in Education and was going to have completed by final year of BA ED degree, but looks like we have to come over to Adelaide before I do so. (shame) Are you aware of any recruitment companies that place teaching assistants? I did register with one when I was over in January.

      I have been a cover supervisor for PPA and have experience with children with SEN/ ALN. Over there do you have TA's in every classroom like over here? I know that other posts say how difficult it is to get a job as a TA but I am persistant and absolutely love working with the children and am confident on getting a position, I would empoly me... lol I can even volunteer to get my foot through the door.

      Also I have a daughter who turns 5 November and I won't be coming over until mid/ end Nov........ can I register her before I get out there? As I am concerened that term ends 9th December and I want her to start in the January. Do you have any idea of the best primary schools in the area, and would I have to pay if we are on a Temporary visa? I seem to be getting lots of different info so any help much appreciated. Beleive it or not I have done loads of research but now have to sort out moving in just 10 weeks.... yikes so any factual info would be so appreciated.

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      Hi Ras

      At the primary school my kids were at (Highbury) they certainly didn't have teaching assistants, apart from for special needs kids. The teachers were all amazed when I told them that at the school in England we used to have two teaching assistants almost full time helping out the teacher! Quite a few parents did volunteer at the school though, listening to the kids read etc, helping out with crafts, and of course in the canteen. There are quite a few teachers, and ex teachers on the forum so it might be worth putting up a separate thread headed "Teaching Assistant Roles/Possibilities" or somesuch thing to get some of their input (they may not all read this particular thread if they're not in the North East for instance). I have certainly read that volunteering to get your face known is a good thing to do, then if any positions do come up, you're front of mind!

      You don't have to pay for your kids (well, any more than a local would - i.e. a few hundred a year at state primaries) on a "normal" temporary visa - although I think perhaps those on student visas have to pay "international' fees. Other states in Australia do make holders of, for instance, 457 visas, pay international fees, but not South Australia (luckily for many!)

      You have probably already had a browse on the DECS website (http://www.decs.sa.gov.au/) but if not, there is a lot of useful info on there, and there is also a newish website with school comparisons (http://www.myschool.edu.au/)
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      Hi Diane, thanks so much for all the information. I really hop I can carry on with my degree and work in the schools, as a teacher one day no matter how long it takes. I'm 36 now and have 16 years experience at sales/ account management/ business development at a fairly high level so I really don't want to be end up going back into sales. Allthough I suppose I can allways fall back on it. When I first started my degree I done it voluntarily so can always go down that route ( Will have to make sure hubby gets a good job) ! I know our teachers here are so lucky, I am in a cohert class of 64 children and we have 4 teaching assistants, thats as I'm in the foundation phase mind . Thanks again

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      Diane's got a great response to that one!


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