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      Question Good high schools

      Hello, we might be moving to Adelaide next summer and I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any public high schools in adelaide - preferably southern adelaide + they teach spanish!

      I know some schools on here have had mixed reviews + would just like to hear peoples opinions on which high schools are best because its good to get views from people who know the school!

      Oh and also, I'm in year 10 at the moment, and we would probably be moving next summer so I will of just finished year 11, does anyone know what year I would go into? I think it would be half way through year 10 but not sure!

      Annnnd, this is random but is there air conditioning in the schools? It's just that I think some people have said there isn't..??

      Thank you!
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      anyoneeeeee? ! :p

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      you will be hard pushed to find a school that teaches spanish here except adelaide high west terrace and getting in will be hard at year 10 11 ages may have to go private and out source the language lessons
      deb x

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      Okay, I am not hung up on Aberfoyle Park High ...but they too offer Spanish,from Year 8 to Year 12!

      Don't worry, Elise! The schools I have been in all have air con and the wierd thing is, it can sometimes be too cold in there in summer - although I've never found it too warm in winter!

      I'm guessing you want to get your SACE when you come over, so don't forget it is possible to do Year 13 to complete the work, or even finish it at TAFE.

      I wouldn't worry too much about schools yet. There are a fair few decent schools in the south and you can get a feel for them when you get here.


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      ^ yes i would probably do the SACE, year 13? oo i thought in SA it only went up to year 12??

      thank you both for replying! :)

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      Have a look on the Department of Education Website

      Department of Education and Children's Services (DECS)

      You can check all the high school websites off there and see who teaches Spanish. Golden Grove offer it but they are in the North East so that won't help.

      On top of the hill in Salisbury Heights



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