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    Thread: primary schools for the gifted

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rachiegarlo View Post
      . It has to come back to the teacher's ability to broaden all the students in the class.
      Kindy director of an Eastern suburbs kindy told my mum that the better off the parent the more gifted the child was believed to be ( by the parent) when infact the kid in question had just had access to a wide range of experiences and activities.
      I think most teachers would love to be able to show their ability to excite and educate the kids in their class but I also believe that this would be hard in a mixed-ability group of 28+ (if you are lucky; 34 if not) kids.

      I agree with the kindy director in as much as I am sure that a parent who enjoys parenting and shares a wide range of experiences with their child (and they do not have to cost money), their child is more likely to be able to find things to occupy, amuse and interest them. Parents can believe their child is the cleverest ever, but it surely takes more than a parent's belief to make that child gifted or talented!

      A friend of mine has a son who plays footy professionally. She told me that she had seen kids who had talent but couldn't be bothered, fail to go any further and had seen kids with far less talent but more application, make the grade. I guess what I'm trying to say is, eventually it is down to the kid?

      I might sound mad, but I don't think people should make a fuss over their child's ability; just make sure the kid's needs are catered for. It seems to me that kids that are gifted just are. They are not necessarily a product of nurture, just have a special ability in that area. I also feel that effort is as, if not more, important than achievement.

      In my limited experience, it seems to me that school is a huge, varied learning experience. Schools offer vocational training, specialist programmes (sports, dance, music etc), courses where (selected) kids can improve their skills, such as literacy- or maths-focus groups, groups to enhance confidence, team-work, friendship, lunch clubs, sports clubs....counselling...the list goes on, but as I have, I will close now!

      Good night M_M - you should never have given me permission to ramble lol!

      And Rachie? I'm sure no-one could take offence at your comments

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lazy Cow View Post

      Good night M_M - you should never have given me permission to ramble lol!

      The capping bill is official! So your permission is revoked.
      just kidding!

      Now we wait for the sponsorships list, can't wait to bring my kids to their new school in Adelaide! I have a whole list.

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      For High School Students with Mathematics/ Science ability, the Australian Science and Maths School is on the Flinders University Campus. Their programs are excellent and are always pursuing new curriculum ideas.

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      M_M have sent you a PM.

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      a friend of mine sells an education program that assists gifted children.


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