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    Thread: Affordable private primary schools around Mawson Lakes and Northgate

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      Affordable private primary schools around Mawson Lakes and Northgate

      Hi everyone,

      We're moving to Adelaide in 2 weeks (very excited now!!) and are looking at houses in Mawson Lakes and Northgate. What we really need to know (as we are struggling to find them!) is are there any good but affordable private primary schools (+pre schools) in either of these areas?

      We've heard that the state primary schools in these areas are not recommended, would you agree?

      We're open to advice and information on schools of all denominations, as long as they're open to us!!

      Really appreciate your feedback.


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      I don't think she comes on here any more but you could try sending Vera a PM (http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/member.php?u=2584) and hope she still uses the same email...
      I know she found a lovely local private school with very reasonable prices - that's primary from what I remember - and spoke highly of Endeavour School for high school in that area.
      Good luck
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      The Good Shepherd is a lutheran primary in that area, it is highly thought of, and a lot of the kids go onto Endeavor College. There are probably some little Catholic primaries in those areas. There aren't many stand alone private primaries that aren't Catholic or Lutheran. If you are going to live in Mawson Lakes, then Walkerville is about 20 mins away and there is a private Anglican Primary there called St Andrews. They offer a lot at this school, drama music, sports, etc. However it's not cheap. I haven't heard bad things about the primary school at Mawson Lakes, it's supposed to have a state of the arts purpose built building. Don't discount the public primaries, a lot of people use them and send their kids to privates for high school.
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      If you are looking at Northgate and Oakden then you could try Cedar College, its a christian college and I have friends that go there and they love it.
      Cedar College Website

      Veras kids go to St Pauls Luthern at Blair Athol. She loves it and so do the kids.
      st paul lutheran school › contact Her eldest son is moving on to Gleeson in Golde Grove at the end of the year.

      The primary school at Mawson is Ok but the library isn't on site and the kids have to cross a road to get there. Also the classes are very open plan and some of the teachers have the kids call them by their first name which I personally feel is a bit odd.

      Endeavour is a great private high school and next to the University at Mawson Lakes
      Endeavour College Background

      Or you could try Thomas More College but I don't know what age they can start from there, thats just outside Mawson Lakes in Salisbury Downs, again a friends kids go there and she cannot fault it.
      Thomas More College

      Hope that helps

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      Thanks Jo, that is really helpful! I think you are officially the Adelaide Schools independent expert! Really appreciate your comments.




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