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      Hi im Zac,

      We are moving to Adelaide on 6th Nov 07
      Don't know where yet
      What are the schools like?
      What is there to do?
      Im 11 Years old
      Interests Bebo on computer, DS playing, Tennis, Rugby:v_SPIN:

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      heya i am christie i moved here on the 21st of november !
      and i think its great ! part from missing my friends !
      but i have been told that i will meet loads of new people !
      i have already met loads of people over the computer that
      are my age and live in adelaide ! i have met up with one
      of them and she was awso ! plus she is my sort of
      person that i would talk n go places with !
      i love chocolate ! (of corse !)
      my interests are -bebo-msn-swimming-
      do u have msn ?
      love chritsie !

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      Talking hey

      heyy Im Meg n I am 11 too. I moved here sumtym in July. There int that much to do here it isnt like queensland with theme parks n stuff like that. Its got sum nice beaches thow

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      hello it christie ere agen
      how are you ?
      i was just on here so i thought i would drop in a compent !
      so what you bin up too ? were bouts in adelaide are you ?
      write back plz
      christie xxxx

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      hi my name is ellis, we are moving to australlia in the summer time.
      not exactly sure where yet but are thinking of adelaide,whats it like there, is there plenty of sports because i adore football and love running (as i am a fairly fast runner). i enjoy my consoles which include x box 360 but hoping australia will have more to offer than here. i am 11 years old and go to a small school with great friends but im looking forward to making new ones soon. i play for a big football club named pendle forest and win most games. how have u settled in and whats school like? my favourite subject in school is maths and my worst is science.

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      heya i am christie

      heya ellis (did i spell it rite)
      i am christie i am 11 too ! there are loads of sports to do out side of school ! i haven't started school yet but its a week today i do ! ! any way in the summer there are loads n loads of things to do ! i went swimming n the summer ! it was awsome ! by football do u mean with a round ball or egg shaped ! i bet u mean round ! any way hope too talk to you soon ! christie xxx
      p.s do you have msn ?


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