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    Thread: Any Bad Points?

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      Any Bad Points?

      Hi my name is Ryan, I am 12 years old. We are thinking about moving to adelaide as my mam may have a job out there. I am a bit concerned about making new friends and general school life. Are there any bad points about living in Adelaide?? I would like to be prepared before I come out!!


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      Hey there :)

      Just like any city, there are good and bad points about living there. Adelaide is no exception.
      School in Adelaide is amazing! But you get lots of homework.
      There will be alot of foreign people in your school anyway (my school was 30% asians!!) so people are used to different people. If you are willing to make friends then you will have no problems!


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      1) Australian cupboards are full of monsters - every one of them!
      2) The high heat will turn your parents into highly aggressive robots
      3) The spiders and snakes love sinking their fangs into young flesh
      4) You can't drink beer there either
      5) The girls are pug ugly

      Seriously though, I'm sure you would enjoy it. Think of the sea, sun and surf!

      Best of luck

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      Hi Ryan,

      I have a son Daniel who is similar age to you and has just found out that we are planning a move to Adelaide. He is very excited but also has concerns .....but he's a very sociable chappie & I'm sure it might be useful if you could keep in touch with each other. I'll send a friend request to you if that's ok so you can perhaps message each other.

      Zoe (AKA Dan's mum)

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      my name is alice and i am 12 years old i am hoping to be moving to adelaide soon we have got a visa we are just waiting for our house to sell i have herd that clothes are really exspensive out there so buy as many as you can here i know a lot of this because my sister looks up a lot and so does my dad.



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