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      Woodcroft College, Morphett Vale

      We are toying with the idea of sending our 9 year old daughter to Woodcroft School and have asked around work and it seems to have a good name. They have said it is not as posh as a private school but better than a public main stream school. However do your children go there, what is it like etc etc. If good reports, we may consider sending her there sooner rather than wait until the high school age. I would love to hear the pros and cons please.
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      I know a fair few kids that attend woodcroft college, and most of the comments i hear are good.

      My daughter's name is down to do Year 10, 11 & 12 there (she is currently Year 9 at high school)...we were offered a place earlier this year but she turned it down. The decision had to be hers....

      Originally she was struggling to settle at her High School in year 8 (last year), but things have improved in this year (year 9)....hence why she decided to turn down the offer earlier this year.

      Anyway, back to the original question....i know lots of kids that go there...but i do know of some kids who have left for different reasons....

      Best to go and have a good look round...
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      My 7 year old goes to Woodcroft and we are very happy with the school. In the first term his teacher wondered whether our son might be Aspergus and suggested we should have him checked out.
      Sure enough he got a positive diagnosis a few weeks ago and now the school is taking steps to ensure he is educated to his needs.

      On a down side the unifom is very expensive. They have a sports uniform as well as a formal attire, then you need a summer uniform and winter uniform. This eats into the family budget more than anything!

      However, Fees are very reasonable compared to other private schools in Adelaide.

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      My Daughter started Woodfcroft this year (reception) and after a bit of settling in we are very pleased with the school. I agree its not as posh as some other private schools, her last school was walford in the city but it is 1/3 of the cost so much more reasonable !!! I am really pleased with her progress and the teaching methods and facilities are very good, the uniform is on the expensive side but I hear you can get good quality 2nd hand items in the shop as well. I would recommend the school and know some other mums who have older kids at the school who are also very pleased. Havent really heard anything negative about it yet!!
      Good luck



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