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      Aberfoyle Park Campus Preschool, Pilgrim Primary


      Whilst researching primary schools in the area I came across the campus preschool - does anyone have children attending, and what is it's reputation? I would be considering this for my 4 year old daughter who turns 5 on 21 July 2011.
      Not sure if she would be able to attend primary school in the third term? I like the look of Pilgrim school just from research on the web but know nothing more about it..! - will need to visit of course, but any thoughts would much appreciated
      Also, I have a 10 month old - what are my options for her in Aberfoyle Park and surrounds?

      It feels so strange having to get my head around this whole new system... really want to get it right!

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      Hi, there's a nice new childcare center in Happy Valley (adjacent Aberfoyle Park). Our kids go there and I recommend it.

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      Schools in Aberfoyle Park

      Hi, Hope this post is not too late for you. We have just enrolled our son in Pilgrim school (has been there two terms now and loves it). Had to move him from Nativity (Catholic School) after he was seriously assualted there and school did nothing about it. The standard of education at Pilgrim is second to none, our son has moved from being bottom of the class to nearly top in the matter of two short terms! Can't give you any tips on the Campu preschool, my son went to the Hub Preschool which I would highly recommend.



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