Yo dudes
We are one of those families living the wrong side of the Lonsdale Road, well according to the lady at HC R-12, so even though we live in Hallett Cove (Heights) both ours go to school in Aberfoyle Park (AP High & Heysen) which is only about a 15-20 minute drive away and both are pretty happy there.
There is some land for sale here but seems to be being snapped up pretty quick as are the plots accross the valley in Sheidow.
As Sas said land is at a real premium here and you have to be pretty quick to snap up a good bit, my dream of a level putting green in the garden seems to be fading fast......oh well have to make do with Willunga tommorrow with Guzzler and Gra (hope he remembers his membership card this time).......sorry M8 couldn't resist;)