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      russell 12

      all about me

      from millie age 5.

      we are going to Australia and i'm excited because i'm going to feed the kangaroo. I would like to meet some friends. we are getting a trampoline.


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      wee andi
      Hi Millie,

      my name is Andrea, but my family call me Wee Andi and I am nearly 6 years old, (5th November )

      When are you going to Australia?

      We went in April and went to a place called Clellands Park, we got to feed Kangaroos and Koala bears but got chased with an Emu!

      The Kangaroos are lazy when you try to feed them, they lie down and eat from the side of their mouth!

      We have moved house because my mum and dad sold ours, so we are living in a rented one until we go. I had a trampoline at my old house, but my mum and dad sold it the the people who bought our house.

      I want a trampoline when we get to Australia as well.

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      russell 12
      hello wee andi

      I have or rede bin to Austrsralia. we or going to Austrsalia in january
      I'M look forward to go again .

      We went to Australia in April this year we went for 5 weeks. My mummy was working in Australia and had to stay for 10 weeks. She missed me and my sister lots. I went to the wildlife park too, we might have passed each other whilst we were there. Do you have any friends in Australia? I have two friends and you now make it 3.

      bye bye for now wee andi

      write back soon


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