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      Private or state?

      Am due to arrive in November and looking at living in Moana. Have two children ages 13 and 17 - the elder is half way through his A levels in the UK. I'm a bit in two minds about whether they should look towards private or state school. They are both academically reasonable - both will want to go on to Uni and do a degree - they are not looking at vocational courses. Any views or tips please between private or state? Any recommendations for schools/colleges?

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      If you are going to be out in Moana maybe you should look at Tattachilla.
      The other option which will mean more travel is Woodcroft college.
      Both have good reputations.

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      There is also Cardijn college, a private catholic school. There are some very good state schools around, but they tend to be zoned. For your 17 year old, if you want to go private there are also two colleges which are just for the final years of school. These run more like university classes and have small classes, lectures etc and none of the things like uniforms, assemblies, sports days etc that mainstream schools have. They usually accept kids who are highly motivated. These are University Senior College, based at Adelaide uni and offers the final 2 yrs of school, yr 11 and 12 and Eyensbury College which offers yrs 10 - 12 Both are in the city centre.
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      The local high school for Moana is Seaford 6-12. http://www.seafordhs.sa.edu.au
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      There is also Southern Vales in Aldinga which is up to year 12. It's a small Christian school. We looked for my two and I was impressed. Willunga high is the public high school in this catchment. I think some parts of Moana may be zoned to Willunga.
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