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      All About Mee x

      Heyyyahhh .. well my name is georgiaa i am 13 years old nearly 14 now. We are hoping to move to australia in january 2008 i am very nervous and not really sure what it is going to be like to be away from my family and friends , but i am also excited . Mee and my family came over to australia in march for quite a long time and had a great time. I enjoyed surfing and i also like running, netball and rounders .. i like alot of sports. :D If you are around my age and want to caht please doo :D. xxx

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      Hi Georgia,

      I just thought I'd reply to your post as I didn't want you thinking people on here are ignoring it.
      Unfortunatly most posters are slightly older than you but fortunatly they may have children of a similar age!

      Hopefully, I'll bump this post up to the top and someone with kids might like to reply.

      I'm sure you'll have a wonderful new life here in Adelaide. I have a 4 year old ( i guess a similar age to your sister) and he just loves it, especially now its summer and we can go down the beach everyday.

      Take care

      Age (lost in my 30's)!!:o


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