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    Thread: Uni/Tafe couses and Uni points.

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      Hi Donna

      We moved here two years ago after my eldest daughter had just completed her GCSE's. She was an A*/A grade student and was given credit for year 11 here, so only did year 12. She found the jump in maths really hard as a lot of what they had covered in year 11 for Maths Studies and Specialist Maths they don't do in the UK until 'A' level so ended up changing her subject choices a few weeks into year 12. Other subjects weren't such a problem and some were not much different to GCSE level (French & English). I guess it all depends on what subjects they want to study and if any are compulsory for later Uni courses. We found that just because they give you credit, it doesn't mean that you will have actually covered the work.

      The points table below may give you an idea of how the 'A' level results can be converted.

      'A' level
      A* = 140
      A = 120
      B = 100
      C = 80
      D = 60
      E = 40

      'AS' level

      A = 60
      B = 50
      C = 40
      D = 30
      E = 20

      You must have at least two 'A' levels and not more than two AS levels. The scores then convert to a ATAR (TER) score which is what the Uni's mainly use to determine who gets a place. A few examples would be:-

      Score 340 = ATAR 97

      Score 270 = ATAR 85.5

      Score 230 = ATAR 79.2

      Score 100 = ATAR 62

      All the University websites will give the ATAR (TER) which was the lowest accepted for 2010 on the course guides which you can access on line.

      I hope that hasn't confused you too much and best of luck with your move. Send me a pm if you have any more questions and I'll try to help.

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      Thats brilliant. Thanks for that JanandAndy.

      We didnt realise the AS levels were taken into account also. Will get her to have a look when she comes home as i cant remember her AS grades.

      Thanks again
      ANMC assessment applied 7.5.09, ANMC postive skills assessment recieved 11.8.09:), Ielts sat 12.9.09 Ielts passed 25.9.09:), SS applied for 5.11.09,NMBSA- positive assessment recieved 10.11.09 State Sponsorship recieved 16.12.09:), 176 applied 29.12.09 ,CO allocated 12.1.10, Medicals req. 12.4.10, Medicals finalised 21.5.10, visa granted 13.7.10:D Arrived Adelaide 28.1.11


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