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    Thread: School Advice Needed

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      Try the Australian Maths and Science school behind Flinders hospital, its for 15-18 yr olds and involves alot of self directed study. It's a state school.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
      Did he end up going to that school? When I was at infant school, the headmaster of the junior school told me a week before the end of the last year that, contrary to what I and my family had believed, I wouldn't be going up to Junior school as I missed the cutoff date (by a couple of days). My parents went to educational psychologists and all sorts and made the headmaster back down and let me go to the school However, all the way through, he went out of his way to be unpleasant to me. Would have been better just to go to another school after all!!

      Just wondered if your principal was the same?

      Heart goes out to the OP - the teenage years are tough enough already without stuff like that going on. Move schools, report the bully to the police, and keep us posted on how you get on.
      No they didn't end up going to that school .
      I'm a teacher and I was 100% sure she would have been pretty crappy with me and the kids if I pushed her... and I knew we were only going to be there for a short time.
      The guy from DECS pleaded with us not to take it any further.
      However had it been a high school..I would have taken it further. Bigger schools are more impersonal and you can get lost in a crowd.

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      Instead of stressing yourself out, have you looked outside your catchment?
      My daughters old school was falling apart and she ended up in a school outside the zone and has gone from strength to strength. Obviously there were places available.
      She goes to Pasadena High school which is,nt a million miles away from Brighton!
      Just a thought.

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      im soo soory to hear this, it makes me sick in the stomach as i have moved over here and im attending a state school in adelaide. I have fitted in well with ll other students, but my brother is also going through a rough patch.

      a school has to accept your child if your in zone, my mum nearly had to call the state government about getting me into high school as its is rated best stae school for adelaide and is hard to get into. So my asuggestion is to ring and complain.
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