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      Chloe Forrest x

      Question school uniforms

      this is probably a stupid question because every school has a different uniform but i was just wondering what the uniform is like over there for high school, is it like shorts and casual stuff or is it like back in scotland with shirts and ties nd that? or if they even wear uniform at all? if someone could help me out that'd be great! :)

      thanks xx
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      The uniform in Private Schools are more formal......shirts, ties and jackets etc.....

      However, state High Schools are much more casual...... shorts and t-shirts for the summer - fleece jumper and joggers for the winter months! Our kids prefer the uniform over here.... their school is still pretty strict on them wearing the correct colours and proper uniform but its more relaxed and more practical clothing!
      Their school also have a very formal alternative which they loan out to the kids if they have functions etc to attend!!!

      You should maybe check out the school websites for examples.........hope this helps :)

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      Some state high schools are strict with their uniform, but there is usually a wide choice of items with polo shirts being worn with skirts etc. Most state high schools don't enforce blazers. A lot state black shoes must be worn. Most allow girls to wear trousers.
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      Chloe Forrest x
      aww well thats good, i wont be going to a private school lol so shorts nd that sound good to me, my school was very strict on uniform too, anything is better than my uniform back home haha , thanks! xxxx
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      at public primary schools the uniform is fairly relaxed, at my primary school you could where the same coloured polo shirt (without the logo) so you could buy it from big w or target and the right coloured trousers/shorts/skirt with trainers. Schools may vary but my primary school uniform was very relaxed. At high school it got more strict. Private schools have quite a strict uniform I think but I'm not sure if you HAVE to wear a tie although I think most private schools have a blazer.



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