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    Thread: Adelaide education system for my case

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      Adelaide education system for my case

      Hi Guys,
      I would like to know what will be the case for my two daughters regarding schools as I'm moving to Adelaide soon. They are aged 4.5, and 2.5. The elder one has just started her second KG year, and the younger will start her baby class next year.


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      Well its not quite the same as the UK I'm afraid. I'm assuming your elder daughter will be 5 when she gets here. Officially in the state schooling system, children start school here the term after they are 5. There are 4 intakes during the year and if the childs birthday falls in term 3 or 4, then they do 6 terms of Reception. So half a year of Reception, then a full year of Reception next year. However most of the schools here have mixed year groups and you may find your child will do 2 terms of Reception then move into a mixed Reception year 1 class. You may find a school that will agree with you that your daughter is above average and can put her into a Year 1 or mixed 1/2 year group. It really depends on which suburb you choose and the school. You will also like to know that State school charge an annual fee to go to school ranging from $190 to $300 a year, this covers stationary, photocoping and general fees for the school. Excersions are extra over the year. Uniform is fairly casual, mostly polo shirts, shorts, jogging bottoms and summer dresses. All kids need a hat for terms 4 and 1 and generally the kids are not allowed outside for recess and lunch unless they have a hat.

      For your other daughter, Kindy does not start until they are 4. You get 4 sessions a week, usually monday to friday, either morning or afternoon. Kindy roughly costs $60 a term, which is usually 10 or 11 weeks. If you want to do more than that, you will have to find a day care centre that runs a kindy programme, this can be very expensive, around $30 for an a.m. or p.m. session, and i think they can charge you for lunch if you choose to go all day. There is no nursery voucher system like the Uk, though you can get consessions and school card if you are on a low income.

      If you want some more information have a look at this site, Its the Department of Education website and can give you an idea of what schools are in the suburbs you might be looking at

      Department of Education and Children's Services (DECS)

      hope thats some help to you

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