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    Thread: Teenagers in Findon

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      Teenagers in Findon

      Hi,Mandy and my two girls aged 14 have moved to findon and have started school,They are bored stupid after school and at at weekends does anyone know of any youth clubs etc that they could start getting involved in.
      Thanks, Ste

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      donna. evo
      Hi, my children are aged 16, 14 and 12 been here since september and mine are bored after school and weekends to, apparently Aussie kids just don't hang out which i'm surprised at, but there you go. If you find any let me know. My youngest son goes to gym in Lonsdale don't know how close that is to findon and is starting cheerleading in Burnside Primary school in Feb twice a week if that's any help.
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      Call your local council and ask if they hold any Blue Light Discos in your area. They are specifically for younger teens. Also call your local library. Lots of aussie kids do sports, music, drama - that sort of thing after school, so if they have any particular interests find out about clubs etc - again your local library should be able to point you in the right direction, or the council offices. The Adelaide Oval runs summer cricket coaching clinics too, and probably local tennis clubs will be doing the same.

      Give us a few ideas of what your kids are interested in and other people locally can probably suggest stuff going on.
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      My daughter goes to BREAK N ENTER hip hop & break dance classes in findon. They are absoultely fantastic!

      check out their website their instructors are amazing and my daughter Jess thinks they are the coolest people in the world.
      They have given Jess so much confidence she is so much more outgoing and now makes friends so easily. Classes are $10
      the website is

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      Hey, I'm Haydn Aston, i'm 14 & soon to be moving to Adelaide in September, i really can't wait, i was hoping to make friends over this before i go over, if anyone's moving near blackwood, CONTACT MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! hahaaa,
      Haydn Aston

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      Hi I'm Nicola, 17 and I'm from Liverpool! I'm moving to Adelaide in November and hope to get to know some people before I go out there! I'm really nervous about leaving my friends and family so if you have any helpful suggestions pleasee message me :)



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