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      Smile hello, were thinking about moving, and wondered what its like over there,.

      hello im 16 and my family are thinking about moving over to Australia.

      i was wondering what the fashion is like pver there and do they have shops like topshop and other well known clothes shops.

      also, what was it like fitting into school?
      amy :)

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      Welcome to PIA..lotsa people are just getting up outta bed..you may well have a flurry of posts on here tonight when kids get home from school.....

      People dress pretty much how they want here, no-one seems that bothered about trends...that what i see any way.

      As for school our kids they were 15,16,10 and 5 when we got here they fitted in pretty well...the older kids are now in Melbourne working.....

      A bit of work networking and you will be fine.....here is alot of kids on here who are always up for meeting new people....

      Good luck with it all....


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      My daughters shop at Sportsgirl, Forever New, Valley Girl, Cotton On, Bardot and Myer Miss shop as well as picking up bits and pieces from Kmart, Target etc. There is a chain called Factorie which reminds me of Primark but it isn't as big. Google some of those shops because some of them have websites to view examples. My daughters also order online from Miss Selfridge, Asos and Topshop as the postage to here is only about 7 pounds usually and arrives in about 2 weeks.

      As for fitting into school, it's the same as fitting into school anywhere, be open, friendly to all and eventually you will find people to call friends.
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      Heyy,im 16 as well been over here a while now
      the fashion it's different, if your used to english clothes, the quality brands are pretty much from ripcurl, globalize, laid back surfy but it's best in sales it can be pretty expensive, but theres valley girl, chicaboutie, forever 21, lots of other shops which are good. but factorie, is like primark but less busy and you can pick up some good things, its all about looking, the city (adelaide) rundle mall is amazing for shopping but so is some of the shops near centeral markets and down the side streets.
      at the minute fashion is shorts, flrals sun dresses, i gather it's only a little behind England, but most kids are age are spending lots on party clothes and formal but you can always order offline.

      school i guess the best approach is just to be open and try not to get into a big gang of english, the teachers tell you not to, but at my school and most schools thereis a lot of nationalities, but the groups are different so try to talk to everyone see whos the best fit, most who are still at school are intrested in going to university otherwise they would be in TAFE, so they concentrate alot more.
      Good luck

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      If you are from london itself you will find adelaide in particular doesnt really have the biggest fashion scene.

      I buy all of my clothes when I take shopping weekends away visiting Sydney & Melbourne.
      I love going back to London to see my family but mainly for the shopping! hehe
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      Hi Amy my name is Amelia and I know I am much younger than you at the age of 11 (12 in August) but I have been out there, not quite to Adelaide but Melbourn, Sydney and Cairns and the shops are quite different there arent amazing places like there are in Brighton (Churchell Square, if you know where that is ) there are like surf shops and they are good. E-mail me if you need anymore information!!!!!
      I have lots more to tell you!!!



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