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    Thread: horse riding in Adelaide

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      horse riding in Adelaide

      Hi everyone,

      Due to the recession we are still in the UK but are hoping to sell our house early in the new year are settle in Adelaide ASAP and start enjoying the weather and lifestyle.Our two daughters Erin 12 and Jasmine 8,are both soooo into their horses and love the weekly lessons ( and every minute of any holidays are spent helping out) at our local stables.We cannot afford to buy them their own horse,but maybe in the future as Erin is even talking about making horses her career( this might not happen) ,But they would obviously like to continue their hobby in adelaide.
      Could anyone advise if there are any nice stables the girls could attend and what area's they are situated.
      Also any recommendations for nice area's to live with close links to stables.

      Thanks in advance the Leech family

      Julie 40
      Bren 44
      Erin 12
      Jas 8
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      Do you have any idea of where you'll be living?Country?Suburbs?Beach?Many years ago I used to ride up Lower Houghton.Not sure if its still going(think it is!!)which is in the foothills of Adelaide.It was'nt structured lessons though,You'd pick the horse,and providing you had experience,you'd go off hacking for an hour alone.Horses can be very expensive(as you probably know).Have you thought about a loan horse/pony?My girls had them at one time and it worked out really well for them.
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      The Hadleys
      Hi there,
      If you are thinking about leasing/buying a horse/pony try going on Aushorse Equestrian it's a great site, found my current horse on there.

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      Thanks for the info,We've been on the site to have a look and it is Fab,the girls loved looking at the horses for sale,leasing looks a good first option once we are settled.In the UK the stables offer loan horses which works out well for financial and convenience reasons.

      Thanks again.



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