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      Private High Schools in Adelaide

      Does anybody know which private high school either for just boys or mixed is/are the best ones - in and around Adelaide. (We live in southern subs). And which take students in on a scholarship? Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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      You could have a look here: ACER | Scholarship Participating Schools

      The scholarship exams are coming up in a few weeks though, so you'll need to be quick I guess.

      It really depends if you want a non-religious school or not. Scotch College has a good reputation, and Pembroke certainly thinks it's one of the best if you look at its fees! I've not heard particularly good things about Westminster School - but it seems to suit some people better than others. Mercedes seems ok, and I have heard only good things about Woodcroft College and Rostrevor. Apparently lots of ex- and current politicians went to St Peters so if you're looking to make future contacts....! There is a really huge choice, and at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference.
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      Boys only : Prince Alfred College, St Peters College, Rostrevor College, St Pauls College, Christian Brothers College, Sacred Heart Middle School.

      Mixed: Westminster, Pembroke, St Johns Grammar, Pulteney Grammar, Scotch College, Immanuel College, Concordia College, Scotch College, Mercedes.

      Senior mixed : Eyensbury, University Senior College.

      Pretty much all the private schools offer the same kind of things, just packaged differently. The important thing is to find one which you and your child are comfortable with. All the schools offer academic scholarships and usually some other types as well.
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