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      The Broadheads

      Where are all the children?

      We have been in Australia for 6 weeks and I can't get over how few children we have seen 'playing out.' Are lots of people on holiday?? Is everyone indoors a lot?? or out and about with OSH clubs?? We've just moved to Woodcroft and aparently it has one of the biggest primary schools in SA, so where are all the children?

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      They must be about. I was in Perth 2 years ago and didn't even have to look before I crossed the road! Its like a ghost town but I suppose we have so many people on so little land here. Maybe knock on your neighbours doors and intro yourselves?

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      its the same near us, local park is always empty. Occasionally a few kids on bikes on the streets, think they go to each others houses and noone seems to walk anywhere they always drive.

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      Just wait til a week on Monday..Woodcroft primary will be mental!!!!!!!

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      We have loads in our court, the delightful little blighters always knock for middle son just as i have got bubs off to sleep!!
      I think lots got to grandparents, vac care etc as most parents carry on working
      Weez and the gang ;)
      Been here since sept 08 and have found 'home'

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      in aldinga, there are quite a few children about, in the skate/bike parks, around where we live ,cricket and footy street games , mine go out and always find there friends and new ones out and about, before we moved here we were up in modbury, like you say , where is everyone, we hardly seen a sole, let alone children, i suppose it changes place to place just like the uk

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      The Broadheads
      My two get on really well and play great together but after 6 weeks with only the two of them, they're desperate to get to school and meet some new friends



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