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      Hello im called Stephen im 14 and im moving to adelaide in august so if you live there can you email me back and tell me about it

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      jill wright
      Hi Stephen
      We too are looking to move to Adelaide next year when we get our visa have 3 kids 2 near your age Dan(nearly 12) and Lucy (15) both sleeping out tonight but will be in touch its nice to know theres kids(sorry teenagers) their age moving out therewill be in touch

      The wrights (west Yorkshire)

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      Weve just got our visas and i have a brother whos nearly 12 aswell.
      and we live in lancashire

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      jill wright
      heey....its jill's daughter lucy.

      so what year are ya in at minit?...am nelri 16- in year 11

      ya lookin forward to moving?


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      Im in year 10

      and kind ov cos the onli things i will miss r my m8s n family

      but 1 of my m8s live in zewzeland now so i can go 2 see him now

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      jill wright
      yer same...but itll ba while b4 i move so im not too bothered at minit.

      ill miss my friends loads tho- ill cry so much when i leave..but oh well...ill be off for a life in sun :) lol



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