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    Thread: Will I like it?

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      Will I like it?

      Hi my name is Hollie I'm 8 years old, and we are emigrating to Adelaide on June 6th 2011. Although I'm looking forward to it I'm a bit scared and I have a few questions to ask.

      1. Will I make friends easily at my new school?
      2. What are the people like there?
      3. Is there the regular TV shows such as sponge bob, the Simpson's and Phineas and Ferb ect..?
      4. Is there any new food such as Fried Kangaroo?

      Thanks a lot!

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      Hi Hollie although we dont live in Adelaide yet we are really looking forward to going and also have worries about meeting new friends and fitting in with everything. I have been to Australia before but not to Adelaide,I found people to be really friendly and they take the time to talk to you and all that sunshine makes people smile alot. Im sure you will fit in just fine and make loads of really good friends who might even eat fried Kangaroo with you. Loads of luck and remember that it doesnt matter how old people are we all have our worries about change,but change is good and leads to exciting new adventures. xx

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      hi Hollie

      We're hoping to move to adelaide in the next year or so and I have 2 granddaughters (5 and nearly 8)

      1. I'm sure you'll make friends very quickly at school - they may tease you a little at first but not in a hurtful way. My girls found they were the centre of attention because they came from somewhere different and talked with a funny accent!

      2. People are very friendly and love to chat - whatever their age. Every seems genuinely interested in you and the relaxed sunny lifestyle helps.

      3. All your favourite shows are on Foxtel and lots more beside (not all good but different and I'm sure you'll soon find programmes you like) You may find you spend less time watching TV and more time with friends or being out at the beach or parks. You can get DVDs from the library free of charge too.

      4. Kangaroo tastes good but its not available all the time. Calamari (squid) is tasty too, especially salt and pepper squid. You can still have burgers, chicken nuggets and all the stuff you are used to as well. Its good to try new things and the fresh fruit, salads and veggies are much tastier then back in the UK.

      Good luck on your new adventure and don't be scared - it may be a little different but I'm sure it will be awesome!

      Jane xx
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      Hi Hollie,
      We have lived in Adelaide for 5 months, I have a son Finlay who is 10 years old and like you Finlay was worried that all the things that he enjoyed in the UK , would'nt be available here in OZ. I am sure you will be fine, Finlay loves it in Oz and has made lots of friends and never mentions the UK. There are lots of TV programmes for you to watch on the regular TV channels. ABC 3 has programmes such as Scorpion Island, Prank patrol, Dance academy,Simpsons and Fineas. There is also lots of other activities to do here in Adelaide, family festivals, hobbies such as girl guides, zumba for kids, cooking classes and many other beach and sporting activities. I would recommend once you have settled in school to join a group and you will make friends. Finlay likes to play soccer and karate and my daughter Sian (4) goes to ballet and tap. You will be fine and its only natural that you have these worries and its good that you are asking questions. Goodluck Alison :)


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