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    Thread: jake aged 11

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      jeannie oxford

      jake aged 11

      hi im jake from high peak

      im coming to adelaide infeb for 3 weeks and my mum n dad want to look at schools for me. which are the best high schools? ive moved up to high school here in sept 07 and got some good mates. im just a bit nervous. any hints or tips for me? from jake

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      hi im brandon and im 12 now. I'm moving to adelaide in 2 days and i'm gong to a high school called Brighton secondary school, which is the best school in adelaide.

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      jeannie oxford
      thank you brandon. ill have a look on the website at it with my mum. have a nice journey. are you excited? have you got friends or family there and have you got brothers or sisters? we dont know anyone which is why im a bit nervous and i dont have any brothers/sisters. jake

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      yes im excited you ??? but i haven't got any friends or family there either and i haven't got any brothers or sisters !!! write back

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      jeannie oxford
      where are you staying when you get there? my mum is looking at booking a place in huntfield heights or morphett vale.i really want a pool but we cant find house with one to rent. i could message you in feb when we get there and you can tell me more stuff. let me know how you get on. who are you flying with? we are going with singapore airways

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      ;)we've bought a big villa there but i dont know where it is and yes i will message you in feb to tell you more. We are flying with malaysian airlines ;)

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      heya i am christie i am 11 too !
      i have been in aussie for over 3 weeks!
      so not long ! lol =D so are u just
      comeing for a holiday or are u making the move ?
      were bouts are u gonna come ?
      love christie =D

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      jeannie oxford
      hi ya christie

      im comin over with my mum n dad for a 3 week reccie. if we all like it then we hope to come out when the visa through, prob bout nov 08. we staying south adelaide, cant remember where - somwhere near hackham west. huntfield heights i think. where are you? have you just moved out there from uk? what do you think? my mum has been watchin poms in adelaide on gmtv this week. have you got family or friends out there? ive just finished school until jan. which school will you be going to? have a gud xmas christie. jake x

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      wow i am already in aussie n i am lovin it !
      so are u here at the oent then ?
      i am in greenwith golden grove !
      any way talksoon
      merry christmas jake !
      love christie xxx

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      Exclamation yeh

      Heyy I'm Megan and it can be very uncomfortable looking around schools I am 11 too and I am enjoying it so much at my new school Woodcroft primary.


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