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    Thread: Junior Inbetweener's thread!

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      Talking Junior Inbetweener's thread!


      Before I say anymore... my mum was on the adult version of this and I wanted to introduce this to you! Inbetweeners is for kids who's families are in between state sponsorships and visas and just want to chat :) Its just a bit of fun and a good laugh

      Right now... worries for me would be high school! I'm really worried about fitting in and making friends, any likewise minds???

      M8bee xxx

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      my name's Emily and we have just done our medicals. So we're kinda in the waiting room. Not sure whcih way its gunna go. I am also really worried about high school because at the moment a go to a really small Catholic private school with only around 150 students and thats from age 3 to 16! I wouldn't be going to a private school in australia so i'm really worried about the size of the school and how unused to it i'll be. I also have loads of friends here which i'm gunna find really hard to leave behind!
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      Hope your medicals went well! The waiting is so annoying, I just wish things could be a wee bit quicker!!!

      I'm going to find leaving my friends behind really hard too, but who isn't worried about making new friends??? And going to a totally new school??? The list goes on... ;)

      Hope you guys get your visas soon and make your way out there!

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      Harry Simpson
      What do you do for medicals as that is our next and last stage !!

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      i think the medicals went well. We went all the way from norfolk to birmingham and we had to get up at 3am in the morning. We just had to do unrine test, blood pressure tests, eye sight test (just reading down the graph), they measured our weight and height, they did a chest xray for TB and then we had an overall examination with the doctor ie: ckecking, ears, throat, eyes,heart and lungs, At the moment we're an A catergory which is good news but we're just waiting for blood test results ( for the parents ) and the x-ray results. We'll only have to hopefully wait for no more than 2 weeks.

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      Harry Simpson
      oh thanks that helped alot :) that is the next stage cant wait to get out there !! xxx

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      Hey guys!!

      We got our CO recently so we'll be going for our meds soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! :D I seriously hope I dont need to get up at 3AM tho ;) tht would just be totally failish... sorry, my brother's wierd boy language is rubbing off on me!!! :P

      All thts left to do until my meds is to play the waiting game. Again...

      Hope you're all good and things are going well for you!

      M8bee x
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      on friday morning our visa was granted! still sinking in, can't actually believe it! Hope your meds go well!

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      Hi m8bee. Your mum as just sent a thread to my mum telling her about this so I throught I would say a quick hello. We have had our meds and have got a case officer just waiting now for our visa. I have lots of question to ask just like you do. I will miss all of the teachers at my school and all of the kids at my school too and Just so You know my name is Lauren and I live in leicestershire I'm 9 years old.
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      Sharon,andy, Lauren and Harvey Skills assessment 8/12/10 SS paperwork received 10/01/11S. SS 28/02/11 visa sent 7/3/11 CO 25/3/11 meds 5/4/11 meds received 2/5/11 PC 6/4/11 PC recd in oz 4/5/11. Visa granted5/5/11.house rented out and flew to oz 22/1/12 and loving it!!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Emilymae View Post
      on friday morning our visa was granted! still sinking in, can't actually believe it! Hope your meds go well!
      OMG!!!! Well done you!!!!! I'm so happy for you and your family :) when do you think you'll be going out to Oz???

      M8bee Xoxo
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