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There are many outstanding teachers in both countries in the government sectors, but one wonders how come the private sector is growing so rapidly in Australia - we have over 31% of schools that are non-government now and growing. Whereas in the UK it's something like 2.5%! Most people want the best for their children and they see that there are many affordable non-government schools in Australia (albeit many heavily religious based which doesn't suit all families). .
I'm not sure to what level non-government schools are funded at in the UK. Federal funding and small amounts of State funding may be the reason non-government schools are growing here in SA.

I'd also suggest that there are outstanding teachers in the government AND the non-government sector. (Having taught in both)

Independant schools will continue to grow as long as people see the need for them.

And breifly on the primary/high school debate: there has been a trend for non-government r-12 schools to develop a 'middle school'. This is essential creating a 3rd sub school and runs from year 6 or 7 up to year 9 or 10. DECS is a long way from being able to move to that model, given the massive infrastructure it would require.
Primary schools (r-7) pride themselves on being able to prepare students for high school, and I believe they will always have their place.