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    Thread: anyone who is 12 and moving to adelaide

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      Hi Eve,
      I hope we can be friends too!
      I'm really excited about moving and looking forward to the weather! SUNSHINE AT LAST!
      The weather where I'm living now is raining and cold :/
      Do you have any brothers or sisters?
      From Tegan xxxx
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      My name is Amelia and I am 12 in 20 days!!! What year are you both in? I'm going into Year 8 and I am the youngest in my class!!! We are moving to Adelaide in the new year: hopefully by Febuary/March (due to selling house) I don't know anything about the schools either!!! I am looking forward to moving but it is also a big change as I have never been to Adelaide but have travelled to Oz before. Have you ever been to Adelaide? And what are you looking forward to? Where abouts are you moving to?


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      [QUOTE=Skippy;193662]Hi Tegan,

      I am Eve and i turn 13 in October, I live in Sheidow Park which is opposite Hallett Cove and attend the Hallett Cove R-12 School. The schools here in australia do play volleyball on the beach, its awesome. I recently played volleyball for my school and it is great fun! I hope we can be friends and if you need to know anything about australia just ask :)

      Heya Eve,
      My name is Amelia and I am 12 in 20 days. I would love to know about Hallett Cove as Parents are looking there is the school good and do you all get together after school or go to echothers for tea or... what goes on???!!!


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      hi owen

      my family have booked accomidation in morphett vale so we will be living in that area.we havent bought a house yet but we are hoping to buy in that area because we hopefully fly out in three weeks

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      hi tegan

      im alice and im 12 years old nearly 13

      i am looking forward to moving but scared we hope to fly out in three weeks to morphett vale we have booked accomadation i have one sister who is 13 turning 14 and no brothers sorry
      alice xx
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      hi tegan

      we hope to stay in morphett vale for 8 weeks top then we will look for bungalows in that area
      i enjoy fihing playing golf sometimes i love netball but i like hockey the best its a shame they dont do it


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      hiya alice!!!
      im 12...im moving to adalaide.
      i dont know anything about schools either haha!
      what part of adalaide are you moving to?
      i might meet you one day:)
      im going to live there december or january time!!!

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      my family and i are moving to morphett vale that sort of area and port nulonga i dont know how to spell it we are hopefully going in september this year hopefully on th 12th of september where just waiting for our ouse to exhange what situation are you in?

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      *mod hat on*

      Hello there those posting in this thread I'm one of the mods of this forum and I've been trying to keep an eye on this thread. I'm a little concerned about some of the information some of you guys are sharing so am posting a reminder on internet safety.

      Please be careful with the information you post on this forum. This is a public forum and can be read by anyone, members and non members alike. We that in mind we ask the following

      a) Please do not post your Facebook user name or full name on the forum. Nor link to your FB page or any other social media page/site you may use or have.

      b) Please do not post your email addys on the forum. Or your MSN info or any other messenger info (Yahoo, Skype etc). Or phone numbers and addresses.

      c) If you wish to share information check with your parents/guardian first and ensure they are happy you do so. Your parents may well wish to establish that people are who they say they are before you share any info. And then use the PM system on the forum. Exercise caution even then and keep your parents/guardians in the loop.

      d) Never arrange to meet anyone in person that you've only met online without letting your parent/guardian know first. Arrange this sort of thing with your parents help. Keep them informed and your parent/guardian can accompany you to ensure everything is above board.

      e) Any of you with any concerns over someone posting or contacting you via here please forward the PM to a mod who will look into it.


      *Mod hat off*

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      charlotte xXx
      Heyy Alice im 11 my name's charlotte and im moving to adelaide, brighton, on the 22nd of october this year and id love to be freinds with you, hopefully i will be going to brighton school when we get there! do you know what school you are going to and where are you moving to in adelaide??


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