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      christie thats me !

      heya i am christie i am 11 yrs old !
      i live in greenwith (golden grove)
      been here over three weeks ! so not that
      long actully ! lol =D
      if u live any were near were i live let me no !
      and if your the age of 11-12 !
      and also if u have msn let me no ! and we can
      talk ! any way goin now
      love christie xoxox

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      Talking heya

      hey christie I am Meg n I am 11 too

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      hey meg
      cool were bouts do u live ?
      i am in greenwith !
      love ya xxxx

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      Hey Christie I'm 10 years old and me and my parets are thing about moving to Adelaide is Greenwith in Adelaide and if it is can you tell me about Adelaide and Greenwith???


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