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      meet new friends

      Hi all.
      My names Lauren I'm 10 years old and we are moving to Port Noarlunga in September
      I would like to make friends with anyone who is moving or is there and what is Port Noarlunga Primary like.

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      Hi Lauren, my name is also Lauren and my mum has been talking to your dad earlier today cause we to are going to port noarlunga and that means we should be in the same school . I'm also 10 years old I will go on to my log in now and talk to you properly. Hang on !
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      hi lauren
      what do you like doing i like ice skating, swimming, dancing and drawing
      i would love to be your friend and looking foward to seeing you1 have you seen the port noarlunga website there lunch time is diffrent to ours
      i wonder what our teacher will be like?
      which school do you go to? im at thackley primary school and i hate the uniform!!!
      do you know what date you are going?
      whens your birthday mine was last month.

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      hi lauren i like swimming , art , dancing and music . hoping to be out by november but it depends on how quick our house sells. im a little scared about starting at a new school are you?

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      I'm going of line looking Forword to seeing you bye

      Lauren. :)

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      Hi Lauren my name is Amelia and I am 12 in August
      I would LOVE to be friends with you, we are also thinking of moving to Port Noarlunga, Hallett Cove or Seaford so hopefully we can be friends!!!!! xxx I also have a little sister at the age of 10 and 11 in January!!!

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      When are you going to Adelaide.
      I can't wait to go now, sad to leave my grandparents and friends but excited about moving.
      See you all soon.



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