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      School Issues

      Folks, I need some advice.

      We arrived in January with a 7 year old who totally loved school and was doing really well. We enrolled her in what is apparently one of the better schools in the Golden Grove area, but since February, she has been losing motivation and says she doesn't learn anything. I have looked at her books and she does appear to be doing things she did in Reception and Year 1 in the UK, but when I mentioned to the teacher that she was bored - it didn't go well (I was a bit more diplomatic than that:)) Apparently they don't like kids moving too far ahead of the others in the class and so currently my daughter is cruising and not being challenged.

      She keeps saying she wants to go back to her old school in the UK but I think it is just because the comparison is not good to her new school. They don't do composite classes where she is.

      Am I just being paranoid or is this not right? By the end of this year, she will have done 16 months in year 2 having started with the school year in the UK in September, which is fine if she is making progress, but there seems to be no OOOOMPH!

      Before I look at the possibility of her moving schools yet again, I am interested in thoughts from any of you with kids about the transition from UK to Oz schools


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      I think you should take it further with the school she is in firstly. If you have spoken to the teacher, make an appointment and speak to the principal. If a child gets bored at this early stage it's really quite hard to win back their enthusiasm. See how you go with the principal, see what they suggest (I know of plenty of bright kids that have been moved up a year over here), and if you're still not satisfied that she'll be challenged, start looking at other schools. It is quite usual to change schools here.

      Have you considered private school? I know it's not for everyone, but if you get to the stage of moving schools, it is worth looking at a wide range as what suits one may not suit another.

      Finally just bear in mind that primary schools here do not seem quite as academically driven as UK schools - it may be that she is learning a lot of other stuff without even realising it, other than the Three Rs. The pace goes up astronomically once they get to High School, but primaries seem to concentrate more on social and interactive skills.

      Good luck, but don't suffer in silence!
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      Also if you have time you can spend afterschool time expanding her world. Plus if you were happy with the school as a whole then remember this teacher will only be for one year. I wasn't happy with my daughter's yr 4 teacher so enrolled her in Kumon for maths and english. She felt she was advancing then. Other strategies for negotiations are for more in depth study of the tasks the other kids are doing and being moved on according to her ability, eg novels rather than readers. Just bear in mind that in this world of high competition between parents and the advent of the helicopter parent, some teachers get daily barrage from parents who think their child is not being extended/ advanced and so may get a little defensive. Perhaps explain that your daughter has already covered this work in England and you know it is still only one term in here. Diane is right too that primary school education here takes an holistic approach, but at the end of the day move if you don't get results. The Good Shepherd Lutheran out your way is respected and used by many of my colleagues. Lutheran schools usually offer rigorous education. Also meet with the teacher again before gunning for the principal.
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      We are due to return to OZ in the next 6 weeks and I have enrolled my girls in a good school, I am/was in a similar situation with our youngest...she has just about completed reception in the UK and my fear was that she would have to do reception again...I have been in contact with the principal and they have agreed to put her in reception / year 1..of which I am very pleased about....our eldest is just about to finish year 3, and would have started year 4 in September, unfortunately they don't do year 3 / year 4 for some reason...so she will in fact do another 5 months in year 3, although the principal has assured us that they will monitor her work closely, I have already pointed out that she does get bored easily, especially if it's something she knows....so I'm just hoping it works out as we are very happy with the school and would hate to have to think about moving her as I know she would be devastated as we are going back to the same and she already has friends...

      It is so difficult to know what to do for the best....I think someone has already said in a reply, but I would defiantely go straight to the principal and have a meeting...

      good luck with it all.

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      Thanks for the replies, it is hard to know what to do for the best! I have asked for her books to be sent home so I can see what type of things are being done in class and will arrange another appointment with the teacher first and take in again the books that the UK school sent with us. I don't want her to be out of her depth but then don't want her to get bored either - it's such a hard thing to sort out! I'm going tackling the readers thing too, she was tested at a Lexile 700 odd and they put her on readers at 400 so that one is already on the table. Good to know it's not just me! Thanks again to everyone.



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