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      Worried in liverpool

      hello my names terry i am nine years old my hobbies are animals,histroy,
      football,playstation and swiming. i live in liverpool and have two brothers
      one is 12 years old named jay and a 8 years old named joe. i am scared of not making new friends and leaveing my old ones i hope the person who gets this letter will be my friend

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      hello sammy

      thanks for the reply i am sure you will be popular to and dont worry about
      being scared just think of all the activtes you can do thats how i got over
      it. i would like to know if you had any hobies because i would like to hear
      all about them. imagine if i lived near each other can you imagine the fun
      that we would have. :mrgreen:

      yours truly

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      hi terry

      just in case you didn't know i am a girl, i am quite sporty though i play hockey, netball and i used to play footbal but at my school we don't play. i am also quite into dancing. what are your hobbies and when do you think you will be going to Oz :?:

      xx 8) xx

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      sorry sammy I thought that you was a boy :lol: and I like football as well. my
      favourite team is the Everton and I have never played net ball in my life.
      is it good?

      from terry :mrgreen:



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