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      my name is joseph

      hello im 8 years old. we are thinking of moving to adelaide.i am scared :shock
      of moving.and making new friends and leaving old friends. but im loking
      forward to moving to austrailia

      from joseph 8) ::twisted: 8) :P :evil:

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      me too

      hi im chris and im in the same sort of situation as u im really looking forward to the sporty side of it but leaving friends behind and that will be hard. although im 13 i do still feel a bit mixed about everything shocked in particular

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      Thanks for the reply Chris

      im Joseph's brother James i am 12 and am lookin forward to the sporty side of the country and i will obviously miss my freinds but i am sure i will make new ones there :D

      PS: Tanks for the reply hope to talk to you soon from James

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      hi chris again

      wat types of sports do u like i like football cricket rugby hockey and table tennis

      talk soon

      p.s i hate liverpool fc!!!!!!!!


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      nickey and neill
      hi everyone it's jack martin, and i am 12 years old. and next October me my mum my dad my brother and my sister are moving to Adelaide. is it nice there. and i will be happy to hear from anyone

      from jack martin

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      hi everyone,my name is george.i am 8.i have 3 younger brothers.we are moving to adelaide around may/june time.is anyone there already whos 8?im 9 on september 13th.i dont really want to go.i dont know why?look forward to hearing from anyone.george


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