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    Thread: hi pplz

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      hi pplz

      hi ,
      im chris im from kent and my family are hoping to move to adelaide later this year.im 13 nd have two bruvas both 16 and sista 2 im new to the site and dont rli know nebody

      does oz have the same kind of technology as england such as i pods etc...??

      chris :D

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      hi im ollie im 13 and i love footy do u ? if so wat team do ya support i support liverpool or plymouth argyle our local team plz wb


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      nickey and neill
      im Amy i think oz does have pods not to sure.

      im new to the sight to so keep talkin then i will get used to it

      by the way im only 10 but anyway we can still be friends


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      hey chris

      im Tori, and im 15

      to answer your question, yer, we have ipods and mp3s and stuff like that here in oz as well!!

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      I'm Leona .. I'm Moving To Adelaide On The 21st Of January 08
      I'm New Aswell :) Lol
      I'm 14 So If Youu Wna Talk :P
      Write Bak
      Leona x

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      Heya,im Laura and im 11, and were hoping to have moved to adelaide in 3 wcks. wot part of adelaide u movin 2??? Laura.xx


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