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    Thread: footy

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      do u no a coach for charlton hu went to chelsea called danny bailey wb brigssy from ollie

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      me too

      i cud name 5 different ones mark viduka-middlesborough lucas neil- west ham brett emerton-blackburn stan lazaridis-fulham luke wilkshire-blackburn (and josip skoko but i dont know wat team he plays for)

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      well done lads - and dont forget the rest of europe has a sprinkle of oz players playing at high standards so its no surprise anymore if/when the oz national team go to a world cup and feel aggrieved being knocked out by italy the eveantual world champions in a controversial manner......

      the bad news is dont think youre gonna show the kids down under a trick or two cos the standards will be no different if not higher cos currently the feeling is the standards of english players playing pro is going down due to the imports pushing playerd downwards and not allowing the elite to develop - open to debate that one..........

      as for me teaching them about rugby or cricket i best get my coat and leave quickly :oops:

      the australian sporting culture is odd - for kids its all development pathways years ahead of the uk system for developing talent - so expect the best coaching facilities and standards - for adults grow old and watch the kids play but have a gamble on the outcome :shock:

      and currently the oz govt are worried about the increasing obesity rates amongst the youth - sounds familiar ey

      i cant wait to not have to go out on muddy fields and teach tackling in -4 degrees wind chill

      p.s. can you do 10 straight arm chin ups - an elite athlete is expected to be able to that in any event ???

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      u dont no wat we play like so u cannot judge us !!

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      ye how do u no every1 else on this site says tat football ova here iz a better standard than in aus. brigssy do u no danny bailey a chalton scout but now hes just moved to chelsea

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      no m8 we gt trained by all the veterans !


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