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    Thread: footy

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      does nebody play football on here ? i play for a local team been put forward for kent trials to play for my county and go to the advanced centre of charlton afc i wud like to hear if any of you play?? australia or england?? foortymad:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DE:D:D:D:D:d

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      i meant 2 years not 4 years

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      i support da mighty blues lol i luv chelsea how abt u my tram has just the final of a major cup :D:D:D:D i scored the winnin goal of da semis

      my msn is briggsy_da_legend@hotmail.co.uk

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      ok cool i support liverpool or plymouth argyle i hv a season ticket 4 da argyle wat position do ya play i play stricker wat bout u m8 wb


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      i play upfront aswell we won 4-2 today btw when are u moving to oz nd where abts ?

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      my keeper is amazing tho im at skl at the mo

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      wat at scool in ict um wat year are u in we are movin in january nxt year wat bout u m8 . we just won 4-2 in da national cup today wb from ollie

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      yes lol i was at skl norty norty
      lol jkz
      i fink we ment to be movin around that same time aswell wudnt that be wiked if we were on exactly the same flight next door neighbours lol class or wat do u go to a grammar skl just out of noseyness lol well dun on da win gd luk in da next round m8 ps plymouth are rubbish lol


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      yes dat wud be gud i would nut meg u and then take it round all of ure playaz ........... twice and poke your keeper in the eye and walk it in
      lol random

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      The Ashtons
      Hi all,

      Billie here next week my last week at school, :cry:
      going to aus on the 21st march 2007 it will be so cool

      write me back xXxBilliexXx


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