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      Unhappy 17 and moving to Adelaide, anyone else?

      Hi I'm 17 and I'm moving to Adelaide with the family later this year :)
      Is anyone else in the same position or a similar age?
      I'm terrified about moving :(

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      Hi, Nicola.
      We are also from Liverpool, moved here almost 3 years ago; I have 3 kids, 17 and 16 yo boys and a girly aged 13 ( but anywhere between 3 and 30 would be more accurate!). A 21 yo son and a grandson back in Mside!
      Its a scarey time, but honestly, its a nice place to be...........my kids hated the idea of moving, but now are settled and dont want to go back!
      It depends on what you will be doing..school, work, college etc; and where you will be living, but once you get into it, Adelaide is ok!
      there's lots of teenagers here, and lots of activities to get into; the beaches beat New Brighton and Southport handsdown!
      I can tell you now, the accent will get you noticed, and you will make friends quickly........my god-daughter from cumbria settled in VERY quickly, loves it here, but has gone back to take more exams so she can get back here FAST! Shes 20, so a 17 yo should find it a breeze.
      Good luck with the move honey, and dont worry; thats what the old folks are doing!!!!
      Take care

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      Awh okay, thankyou, I think I will enjoy it once I'm there :)



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